• Garron Goldweaver

    Garron Goldweaver

    Runs the foremost brothel of the Zweilunds and has a tight control over the organized gambling on the main island of Zweilund. He sells information to those looking for it as well as anything else not bolted down...
  • Khalik Shoranovits

    Khalik Shoranovits

    A wealthy half-elf with a remarkable hold over animals - a hold he uses to capture and train animals to sell to wealthy patrons
  • Michel Storm Crow

    Michel Storm Crow

    The figurehead of a local religion centered on spirits. Fueled by the oppression that his religion has been subjegated to, Storm Crow looks to expand his "flock" at the expense of more traditional churches.
  • Phillip Stormblessed

    Phillip Stormblessed

    With Black Adara gone, there is little doubt in anyone's mind that this pirate is the fiercest captain the Zweilunds has to offer. Highly distrustful of others, he nonetheless manages to inspire great loyalty and skill in those who follow him
  • William Moergen

    William Moergen

    Rightful duke of the Anuirean realm of Osoerde, his father's most trustful liutenant usurped the throne. William fled the kingdom with a retinue of loyal knights and their followers and somehow ended up on the destitute Zweilund Islands.