Garron Goldweaver

Runs the foremost brothel of the Zweilunds and has a tight control over the organized gambling on the main island of Zweilund. He sells information to those looking for it as well as anything else not bolted down...


Garron Goldweaver Character
Physical Stress:  Composure Stress: 
Fate Points: 6 Consequences: 3 Size: Small(2)
Great(+4) Contacting
Good(+3) Endurance Intimidation
Fair(+2) Stealth Burglary Melee Weapons
Average(+1) Deceit Alertness Resolve
hep Sleight of Hand
Ressource aspects None
* I have heard of this
* Grew up on the streets of Lichtstadt
* Ugly sunnuvabitch
* “We don’t want that to happen, do we now?”
* King of the Alley
* First to the Scene
* “I know the right guy for the job”
* Scion of Brenna
* Bloodmark: A visible mark of the Scion’s blood
* Thick-Skinned: 1 extra physical stress box
* Steel Determination: Plus to Intimidation and resolve (and sociall defense) when being blunt about your intentions
* Charlatan: Use Deceit instead of empathy to get a “read”. Only detects weaknesses or faults.
To be filled
Other things (Holdings, constructs, etc.)
Two Daggers: Lichtstadt’s foremost brothel and gambling den.


Garron Goldweaver

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