Khalik Shoranovits

A wealthy half-elf with a remarkable hold over animals - a hold he uses to capture and train animals to sell to wealthy patrons

Khalik Shoranovits Character
Physical Stress:  Composure Stress: 
Realm Points: 2 Consequences: 3 Size: Small(2) Bloodline: 38
Great(+4) Survival
Good(+3) Empathy Trading
Fair(+2) Power (Creatures) Contacts Academics
Average(+1) Melee Weapons Rapport Leadership
hep Resolve
Resource skill: Great(+4)
Resource aspects Profitable favors
* Long lived Half-elf
* Interested in all things strange and profitable
* Money talks
* Raised among elves
* Honest dealer
* World Traveler
* Master of Monsters
* Scion of Vorynn
* Divine Aura: Dazzles those without a Bloodline
* Cold Read: Quick Reading of others
* The Sceptic’s Ear: Always aware of Deception
* Famed: In your field everyone knows you
Southern Jewelry: The rings and brooches Khalik adorns himself with are mostly made in the style of his southern home.
Exquisite Equipment: His cutlery is ivory. His knife is obsidian. The buttons of his clothes are ebony and silver. His spoon is inlaid with beautiful silver markings. It’s really quite disgusting.
Other things (Holdings, constructs, etc.)
House of the Fey and Beasts: Khalik’s primary base of operation. Includes his opulent home that can house several important guests and employees.
Small forest along the beach: Intended for a secondary holding pen, as well as a small base to make conducting House business easier. Expansion pending. At -1 due to unresolved issues within the area.

Khalik is somewhat tall, and carries himself with all the grace and splendor one would expect from someone with immortal blood in them. His skin is smooth and dark, his hair glistening black and his brown eyes are deep. His hands are always soft, and he never seems to break a sweat or get truly dirty. He usually dresses in expensive, but subtle clothes, giving an impression of wealth and majesty mixed with benevolence. His voice is low and soft, soothing the ones he talk to.

Khalik himself is certainly no stranger to many of these traits. His voice is as it is, for example. But a lot of it is a stage-show. He spends inordinary amounts of time making sure his appearance is just as he wants it to be, and no one really buys the image of a majestic, but modest lord after they’ve seen him sputtering profanities in three different languages while struggling with some troublesome new animal. Khalik is, however, an excellent and dedicated actor, able and willing to alter his appearance and manners to better suit whoever he’s talking to.


Khalik grew up under the Vos culture, the son of Mirain Shora, the youngest daughter of an old, impoverished elven Bloodline, and Merzhad Albrenovits, a local merchant prince whose extraordinary Bloodline had afforded him great success. The union happened after Mikhail conceded a number of trade agreements to the Shora house, but both parties were adamant about the children belonging to their house. In the end, the children became a member of Mikhail’s house, but adopted the Shora name for it.

Khalik is the youngest child and only surviving son of the pair, his older brother Shakham dying at age twenty, when Khalik was just ten. His childhood was marked by trouble. The region was plagued by multiple different cultures, some of whom interacted better than others. Khaliks family already existed in a grey area due to their Vos way of life but local ancestry, and the addition of elven blood didn’t make it better. Khalik was never a physically strong man, but learned extensive endurance from escaping from the occasionally brutal moments he was exposed to.
Merzhad wasn’t young when he married, and died when Khalik was just eight, victim of a disease that swept their hometown. Most of the inheritance went to Shakham and, when he died, to his newborn son Kavoos. Khalik and his two sisters were left with not insubstantial amounts of money, but little stake in their late father’s business. Mirain, though she loved her children dearly, had borne a lot of the amnesty towards their family and with the majority of the family’s wealth in the hands of an infant, she rightly feared for her safety. She, and Khaliks oldest sister Homa, left for the elven forest while the youngest sister, Khatereh, who was Khalik’s senior by a year, stayed behind to manage the business until Kavoos grew up. Khalik, at the time having no taste for the bureaucracy of mercantilism, left to travel the world.

He spend decades wandering the world, practising his inherent power, and the personal talents he possessed. He worked as a guide and helped ensure the safety of caravans. He was gifted with animals, but found that the magic he knew had little effect on most of them. It was as though it refused to work on something not supernatural to begin with. With more mundane animals, he had to rely on his own skills to tame them and calm them.
Over time, he found his career slowly changing. First, he gained a measure of fame for calming the fearsome direwolf queen, who directed the wolves owned by a goblin tribe. Then he started being contacted for work like that. He was, essentially, asked to be a shield against the beasts of the world. The work, while exciting, was excessively dangerous and Khalik found he had no taste for risking his life like that. Still, though, he was good at it. Ultimately, fortune set him on the path he would later travel. A local, talented circus was forced to shut down when their patronage ran out, and the employees were let go. By coincidence, Khalik ran into the animal handlers, surly and jobless. Wanting some security on his latest job, and having some of his old inheritance left, Khalik hired them to join him. This turned out to be his turning point.

The object of his hunt, a crazed elk infused by some magician, was an angry and destructive beast but his mental defenses were exceptionally modest. Khalik and his men easily subdued the beast, and spent months working on it. They made all manner of use of Khaliks magic and their combined skills until the elk broke and became subservient. Khalik originally intended to bring it with him, to help him with future jobs, but his original employers were so enamored by the idea of a creature like that to protect their town that they offered a staggering sum to buy it from him. And thus Khalik found him on the road he has travelled the past forty years. None of the original handlers remain; some couldn’t stomach the work, some couldn’t survive it and yet others simply retired. Khalik is inarguably the center of his organisation, the House of the Fey and Beasts that grew up around him.

Khalik ultimately decided to set up shop more permanently on the Zweilund Islands. The central location lets him quickly sail to whereever he hears rumors and the relatively lawless state of the place allow him the freedom to buy the exotic items his wares eat, as well as entertain guests who might be less welcome elsewhere.

Khalik Shoranovits

Money makes the tide roll in Miramosa