Phillip Stormblessed

With Black Adara gone, there is little doubt in anyone's mind that this pirate is the fiercest captain the Zweilunds has to offer. Highly distrustful of others, he nonetheless manages to inspire great loyalty and skill in those who follow him


Phillip Stormblessed Character
Physical Stress:  Composure Stress: 
Fate Points: 6 Consequences: 3 Size: Small(2)
Great(+4) Pilot (Ship)
Good(+3) Melee Weapons Leadership
Fair(+2) Deceit Intimidation Alertness
Average(+1) Resolve Endurance Gambling
hep Might
Ressource aspects Ill gotten gains
* “Ain’t she a beauty?”
* Trust is always betrayed
* “Follow me to greatness!”
* “Is that a challenge?”
* Cull the weak
* “Fine mess you’ve gotten me into”
* What is dead may never die
* Scion of Masela
* Squadron Leaeder: Plus 1 when commanding a squadron of ships
* Weapon Specialist (Cutlass): Plus 2 damage bonus with Cutlass
* Sea Legs: When on watercraft, you can use Pilot instead of Athletics
* Resistance water: Immune to drowning
Leather armor, Cutlass
Other things (Holdings, constructs, etc.)
Batavia: A Khinasi Zebec

The story of the pirate Phillip started many a year ago, but the Legend is just beginning. After a decade as captain on his own ship Phillips crew mutinied against him and keelhauled him. This should have been the end but when the ship reached shore Phillip crawled from the waters slaying his former first mate with a single stab in the back. The rest of his crew, thinking he was a demon from the sea, fled. Unknown to his crew the power in Phillips divine blood had unlocked and the ocean itself seemed to keep him safe, keeping him from drowning.
Over the next year Phillip gathered a new crew and one by one hunted down the traitors that betrayed him. To his knowledge less then a handful remains alive. Those alive have spread the amazing tale of Phillips survival and few on Pirate Isle haven’t heard the story. His current crew both loves and fears their captain but above all they are proud to serve under him.
The second step in building his Legend was the capture of his current ship, a Khinasi Zebec, which Phillip named Batavia. Unique in the waters of the Krakennauricht the ship outshines any other vessel. Anyone who served on her agrees that she is more then meets the eye and she is Phillips pride and joy. It is more for the sake of the ship then for himself that Phillip rules his crew with an iron fist. Any crewman that endanger the ship is put off the ship at the next harbor, if he is lucky. This also means that no crew is tougher or more experienced then the crew of Batavia. Serving on her deck is nothing less then an honor, at least according to Phillip.
As the months and years passed Phillip have become a force on the Pirate Isles. His true dream is one day ruling, not just the islands, but controlling the waters of the Krakennauricht. He realize that trade is the lifeblood of all the lands and once he controls the waters he controls the trade. To this end he needs more then just a ship, even one as perfect as Batavia, he needs a fleet.
In the end Phillips greatest enemy might be himself. The mutiny changed him. No one knows this but he was trapped under the ship for a full day while it lay into harbor, unable to die, but also unable to do anything else and this broke something inside him. While showing none of this to the outside world he is highly distrustful. He sees traitors everywhere and blames any failure not just on the people around him, but he feels they make the mistakes to spite him or slow down his dreams. In the end this is why he wants power over others, so that no one have power over him. Believing that everyone is out to get him makes Phillip very aggressive when he feels challenged and will rarely step down from any challenge.

Phillip Stormblessed

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