Money makes the tide roll in

Session 1
The council meets...

1524 HC, third Varilen of the month of Deismir

With the Island mage gone, pirates from the nearby Grevensmühl and Grabentod saw fit to test resolve of the Zweilunds. Intensified raids on some of the shipments to the islands meant that the trade routes were in tatters, and food was in short supply. The council sought to resolve the issue, but while the half-elf Shoranovits proposed to relieve the distress of the populace through the establishing of trade routes with some of the states of the great bay, the pirate captain, Phillip Stormblessed, argued to help the starving people sooner through the plundering of a shipment of a grain bound for Brechtür from Anuire.

With the day of arrival and coordinates supplied by the rogue, Garron Goldweaver, and extracted from a merchant of questionable reknown, the pirate captain set sail with his buccaneers to intercept the ship and its escorts behind the backs of the other council members.

A storm is brewing

1524 HC, first Firlen of the month of Deismir

Colin Shaefpaete, the half-elven wizard-regent of the inhospitable Zweilund Islands, has gone missing for more than two seasons with one of his most trusted lieutenants in tow, and the local leaders have begun eyeing oppertunities for expansion and profit.


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