House of the Fey and Beasts

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House of the Fey and Beasts Construct
Physical Stress:  Morale Stress: 
Fate Points: n/a Consequences: 3 Scale: Medium(3)
Fair(+2) Systems
Average(+1) Warehousing Docks
* Opulent living quarters for VIPs
* Monster Pens
* Holds knowledge of creatures best left alone
* Library of (crypto)Zoology: Grants plus 1 on Academics rolls on normal creatures, plus 2 for magical creatures. Counts as a Good(+3) library when it comes to zoology, Great(+4) for cryptozoology
* Livestock Area: Can house up to 50 horse-sized animals
* Loyal Handlers: 1 extra morale stress

The House is a merchant organisation dedicated to a very particular kind of work. They capture, train and sell a variety of exotic, supernatural or normally untameable animals to clients willing to pay the towering prices.


The Wondrous Menagerie

The House began as The Wondrous Menagerie some forty years ago, a concept born from the circus background of many of its founding members. This group performed essentially the same function, capturing and taming dangerous animals, but on a much smaller scale, and a very sensational kind of performance to it. They travelled between towns and villages in the forests south of the Krakennauricht, alternatively performing with their animals and performing more serious work. However, this style of working hinged on their few truly entertaining personalities, and given the dangerous nature of their work, these wittled away. It was around this point that Khalik Shoranovits first became truly influential in the directions the group would take, in spite of his pivotal role in its formation. Ultimately, the Menagerie focused more and more on the actual hunting since it paid better, if less consistently. The added concentration of resources made them better at their job, and this relative success allowed them to fill their at the time rather torn ranks. The group reached a sort of equilibrium, being able to handle a great deal of threats in the wild, and having good awareness of what they couldn’t handle. It could easily have continued like that for a good while, but then they met Tarman Asheton.
Tarman was originally from Alamie, and travelled on behalf of his lord through the land to find him collections for his zoo. He had heard of the group as he travelled past a few towns that had enjoyed the services of the Menagerie, and offered to hire them on his journey. This caused a schism in the group, with almost half choosing to remain in the region rather than travelling, including some of their most talented hunters and trainers. This group, who restyled themselves The Trappers, continued business as they had previously. At the start of the campaign, they are still operating though no original members remain.

The Grey Hunters

The others, including Khalik, renamed themselves the Grey Hunters and went with Tarman on what turned out to be a decade-long journey wrought with hardships, chasing esoteric rumors. Tarman was dedicated in his work, and his lord had a taste for dangerous beasts, but offered sensational rewards as well. With their most talented members gone, and circumstances now a lot more difficult to control, they depended more and more heavily on Khalik and his talents. This got to the point where, at the end of their long journey and the termination of their contract with Tarman’s lord, the group existed only to facilitate Khalik and his own talents. Talents he was feeling call to him. Working with the lord had given him a taste for the truly astounding sum some people were willing to pay for something truly exotic. Additionally, his past as a merchant started to rear its head, promising stable and enormous wealth. Finally, the Grey Hunters had become extremely experienced animal handlers in the past years. So the group set out to truly make their name in this unlikely business. Khalik was the only one with experience in running a business, and he had not thought overmuch of it for thirty years at this point. Nonetheless, much of it came back to him as they started out. First, the group had to show off what it could do, show customers what they could expect. So, they found and captured three white female fawns and showed them to a rich noble in Markazor with triplet daughters. The group made quite a few extraordinary promises regarding the subservience of the three animals when presented on the girls’ sixteenth birthday. The noble was persuaded, and the group was given five years to make the animals well-trained riding animals. During this time, Khaliks central position in the group was cemented as he became the brains behind both the training of the three does, but also their interaction with the lord. Khalik had originally set himself up as mysterious and magical, which could be difficult to maintain when part of ones daily routine also involved scooping doe crap. Four three years, they struggled to properly train the three animals, and an initial lack of progress made the noble vaguely suspicious and consistently hindered increasing spending, which forced Khalik to gid into the reserves working for Tarman’s lord had provided them with. By the time they succeeded, presented the three animals to the girls and finally got paid, Khalik had to spend a sizable portion of his already large share to cover debts. This, however, tied Khalik’s private economy to that of the group, finalising his control of it.

The House of the Fey and Beasts

Again choosing to change the name, Khalik decided on something with more of the sensational tones from his early years in the business, and the group became The House of the Fey and Beasts. Settling for a while in Markazor, they enjoyed the local fame their project had brought them and expanded their customer base. Originally, Khalik envisioned that only extremely rich people would truly take advantage of offers like theirs, but found that many was willing to pay a lot simply to have guard dogs properly trained. So the group built a lot of their initial wealth on a host of excellent watch dogs, mixed with the occassional exotic pet. As the group became able to afford it, they sent more and more people outside of their local borders to advertise their services. This met with limited success most of the time, owing to the House’s increasingly widespread, albeit solid, reputation as dog trainers. They did finally earn the friendships of several rich regents, later regular customers whose opulent purchases formed pivotal roles in the House’s financial future.

These customers allowed Khalik to expand the House far faster than would normally have been sound business. However, he was eager to ride the wave of fame that was springing up around him. This did, however, attract some unwanted attention. Exotic though the business was, the House was not the only group in it, and further to the south, there was a great group of allied guilds who decided they did not like Khalik’s manners of business. This was not entirely unwarranted as Khalik, at the time thinking he was the only relevant force in his business, had recklessly and unknowingly dug into the profits of a few others, and not always through honest dealing either. Additionally, the rapid expansion looked for all the world like they were being sponsored by someone, which might well be competitors to the group in other fields.
Khalik tried to protect himself as best he could but had little actual experience in handling the power that come with wealth properly, and quickly found himself in a position where his regular access to certain food products his current products depended on was severely compromised, he was forced to quickly approach the group for negotiations. At the end of the day, the House had to cough up a lot of the trade agreements they had, along with some large sums of money. They were also told very precisely what the conditions for their continued existence was. Disheartened by the abrupt end to his rising success, and the crushing restrictions on his trade, Khalik decided to move westward, on the way adopting a system of using temporary suppliers for his products. It basically consisted of keeping people around the world who kept track of prices in various cities around Brechtür, and helping Khalik offset the increased cost of hiring individual sailors instead of relying on established trade networks. The House’s reputation had fortunately survived the run-in with the group, but Khalik still decided to keep a lower profile than before, and reduced his reliance on his three famous customers. His fame in the business increased though, and as even richer customers became interested in his wares, Khalik found himself training increasingly strange animals, whose unusual eating habits made importing into most harbors a nightmare, regardless of the technical legality of the wares. Ultimately, Khalik found himself moving his business to the Zweilund Islands to make these transactions easier. Marred by the experience, the House took on a strict code of honest dealing, wanting above all else, to be trusted.



The headquarters of the House is situated in Lichstadt. The house itself is robust and elegant, and its interior consist of four floors. The first floor contains the main dining room, kitchen and pantry and the living quarters of many of the employees. The second and third floors are the most opulent and expensive parts of the house. These are meant as for the House’s various customers. The lower floor has a larger number of small apartments and an attached servant to care for their occupants, used by the House’s lesser customers who are neither uniquely difficult or uniquely expensive. On occassion, it is used by a major customer with a large entourage.
The major customers, those with exotic desires that require new and strange solutions, willing to pay for the services, are usually afforded the upper floor, though.
There, they are afforded one of the House’s attached servants personally to care for their whims, and the floor contains a private study, two large rooms suitable for social events and a small dining room with a fireplace. Finally, there’s six small rooms for personal staff.
The top floor belongs to Khalik himself, and he lets no one up but his family, when they come to visit.

The Creature Pens

The pens change appearance and function often. Though the House deal with contracts that take years to fulfill, they also deal with semi-frequent lesser orders of significantly smaller magnitude. For these, the pens are often rebuilt. The pens themselves reside in three different cave systems close to each other. Through great expense, the House have succeeded in seeting up these pens, using both magic and engineering, letting them adapt the conditions of the cave to what the animals need, to an extent at least. Given the complex state of the caves at this point, however, they have little use beyond the intended one. The various caves, generally dedicated to various maintained temperatures, contain a section for short periods (< Three years) and long periods (>= Three years). There is space outside which permits the space required for the training.

Run by Khalik Shoranovits

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House of the Fey and Beasts

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